The Irish Business Blogs You Need to Follow

Business & Finance

Don’t judge this blog by its name – the Business & Finance crowd has expertly moved its operations onto the digital sphere and made it not only easy to read, but nice to look at and fun to use. The Pinterest-like layout and distinctive community feel separates it from other business blogs, as well as some interesting and compelling feature pieces.

Three Thought Bubbles

‘Business blogging with a heart’, is the tagline of this site owned and managed by Aisling Nelson. Having owned a business, she offers a gentle insight into what business owners can do to stand out from the crowd and make their business work better. With clear actions and well laid out tabs, this could be the friendliest way of getting the business advice you need.

Biscuit/Bite the Biscuit

This creative business blog is unusual, but valuable in that it sits you in the mind of the average creative director and walks you through any fleeting thoughts they may have regarding business or careers. Where other business blogs may focus largely on strategy, competition, and managing employees, this blog stands out as it focuses on the individual, and whatever stage of the employment ladder they may be at, and is written in a single-line conversational style rather than structured paragraphs.


The Walsh:PR blog offers a mixture between client advice, PR how-to’s and comments on news and current affairs. They are usually bite-sized articles with no in-text images, which makes them perfectly suited for mobile. One of their strongest traits is to issue advice that might not be popular, but makes sense, such as their advice that “Social Media suits some businesses – but not all.”

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