Tips for Writing Effectively (infographic)

Bernice Barrington is an account manager at Zahra Media Group by day and fiction writer by night. Her debut novel, Sisters and Lies, published by Penguin Ireland, is out now.

Writing strikes fear into the heart of many people. ‘I was never any good at English,’ people say. Or ‘I’ve no imagination.’

But if you can think, you can write. Everyone has the power to communicate effectively with just a little time and effort. And did you know there’s one major secret to it? Read on for tips and to find out what that one secret is…

tips for writing effectively (1)


If you want to read more about good writing, here are some classic tomes: On Writing by Stephen King; The Elements of Style by William Strunk.

And if you’re wondering where that one secret is…? Well, I lied. There’s no secret, but it kept you reading, didn’t it? Now go write…