Why Zahra Values Internships

Why Zahra Values Interns

Internships represent a rite of passage for many graduates and young professionals. They’re key to building experience and setting a good career foundation. So, as a media agency and publishing house with a wealth of experience, we think it’s important to share our knowledge and to foster learning by running an internship scheme.

Why Zahra loves internshipsWhile some graduates are reluctant to take internships for fear of low pay or errand-based work, many welcome the experience as an investment for their future. Our interns, past and present, are of the mind that internships may not pay fantastically in cash, but that they pay in numerous other ways.

Why hire an intern? That’s easy. Our Managing Director, Gina Miltiadou, says that of course we have a lot to teach young professionals, but they also have a lot to contribute. While we have a duty to transfer the skills and knowledge that we’ve built over the years, we also hire interns for more selfish reasons.

“Interns bring a fresh perspective to things that we do. Having their enthusiasm, wide-eyed curiosity and optimism in the office is infectious and is good for the wider team.”

And internships are also a fantastic hiring practice. They offer a period in which the intern can demonstrate their skills and work ethic, while employers can scope out potential candidates for full-time positions.


Why Zahra Loves Interns


We currently have three interns working with us and six full-time employees who started out as interns here at ZMG. And we figured we’d let them do the talking…


Caroline Gray, Easy Food Magazine Editor

internships at Zahra“Starting as an intern in Zahra Media Group was one of the best career decisions I’ve ever made. I had already been working full-time in a job I cared little for, and saw the opportunity to take a position in a company that was doing really exciting things in my dream field.

Internships can be hit or miss, but I had a feeling Zahra was the type of place where you really hit the ground running. From day one, I was working closely with the editor of Easy Food, developing recipes, liaising with freelancers and writing original food content. I was learning so much about the industry and was delighted when I was offered a job at the company.

I have progressed over the past five years from intern to editor of the magazine. I sometimes think working here can be measured as dog years: I think I’ve learned as much in five years here as I would have in 20 years someplace else!

It speaks to how internships can be beneficial to both the company and the intern when they’re developed properly. I’m so fortunate that ZMG treated interns as valued members of staff, and I hope to always afford interns the same opportunities now.”


Emily Elphinstone, Editor, everymum.ie

why zahra loves interns“Before doing an internship, I couldn’t have imagined the breadth of involvement I’d have. It’s certainly more than just making the tea! From my first day, I was writing articles for the site and I always feel like my ideas are genuinely appreciated in content meetings and brainstorming sessions. The range of subjects we cover for everymum.ie is great; with everything from fashion to weaning tips, and interior decorating to mental health. Being entrusted with client work, and dealing directly with experts and contributors has made me feel like a real part of the team… and it’s a pretty darn cool team to be part of.”


Paula Murphy, Account Manager, Content Agency

why Zahra value internships“Taking up an internship with ZMG was one of the smartest choices I’ve ever made. I thought I’d spend my days making teas and coffees, but that certainly wasn’t the case. I delved right in and with the right amount of mentorship from my colleagues, I was concepting and creating content in no time. I worked closely with our clients right from the beginning and quickly grasped the importance of creating targeted content that resonates with a brand’s audience and supports its business objectives. I learned so much about the industry and was thrilled to be offered a full-time position once I’d completed my internship.

Now almost three years in, I’ve progressed from intern to Account Manager with our Content Agency. ZMG is a fast-paced company where learning first-hand is a priority, and I adore that about the place. I continue to learn each day and love passing on the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired here.”


why Zahra values internshipsMary Kate Hickey, Editorial Intern with Easy Parenting Magazine

“I consider my internship with ZMG a fantastic opportunity to have acquired so soon after finishing my journalism degree. I’ve always been greatly interested in print and digital media, and in the five months I have been interning here, I’ve gained so many new skills. I’m learning about SEO and managing social media accounts while being given the chance to better my existing skills and knowledge in writing, interviewing, and using tools like InDesign. My experience has been truly invaluable to me and I am delighted to have been given the chance to learn and grow so much during this time.”


If you’re currently interning with a content marketing or media agency, you might want to check out our glossary of content marketing terms. It debunks all those tricky terms you might not be familiar with yet. And if you’d like to join our team as an intern, keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Twitter pages. We’ll post any vacancies on there.