About Us

20 years of connecting brands to their audiences

Zahra is a solutions-focused, multi-award-winning boutique content marketing agency.

We are a full-service agency, which means that we can collaborate with brand teams – including legal and compliance – to help deliver your project from start to finish.

Founded in 2003 by Gina Miltiadou and John Mullins, our mission is to help companies build lasting relationships with their customers and stakeholders, through the creation of purposeful, human-to-human content and experiences, that ultimately drive business objectives.

We are a team of strategists, project managers and content creators who have vast experience in creating diverse campaigns with impactful results in the food, parenting, pharma, automotive and utilities sectors.


Our mission is to build lasting relationships between brands and their customers, through the creation of purposeful, human-to-human content and experiences, that ultimately deliver on business objectives.


Our vision is to be the small-batch whiskey of the content agency world. We will co-create a new agency model based on a partnership between team, clients and strategic alliance partners. We will be a collective of smart, diverse talent across multiple disciplines and locations underpinned by care and our desire to do and get paid for excellent work, as trusted brand partners. We will be a refreshingly human oasis in an unfolding AI world.



For us, is a way of life.

It fuels how we think, do business and solve problems.

It propels us to generate solution-focused ideas and concepts, and is always human-centred.

It inspires our storytelling and helps us turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.




To each other, our clients and our suppliers.

We are understanding & supportive, and champion each other’s successes.

We always celebrate our wins…no matter how small.

We’re always well prepared, accountable and a team player and lastly…

We don’t work with jerks.

We are…SOUND.



Curiosity is our compass.

We approach everything with a beginner’s mind and truly believe that every day is a school day.

We are committed to continuous learning – which means reading, learning and investigating trends.

We are open to new products and tech, and always welcome feedback and alternative opinions.




We’re not afraid to tell clients or each other, things that are hard to say.

We are not afraid to fail, and we always fail forward.

We’re not afraid to try something new, change lanes or upskill.

We believe vulnerability and kindness are super-powers and we dare (and love) to win!




We believe that good things take time.

We are passionate about our craft and our passion shines through our craft.

We believe that relationships matter.

We believe that attention to detail is everything and that it’s the personal touches that make all the difference.



Zahra Helps

Zahra Helps is a registered Irish charity that does work in South Africa and Zambia. The charity is funded by Zahra, which donates 10% of its profits to the charity, so really everyone we do work with, contributes in some way. Thank you!

All administration costs are covered by Zahra, which means that 100% of funds go directly to the projects that we support. It’s our philosophy to partner with not-for-profit organisations in each country that can oversee and monitor the distribution and application of money to carefully chosen projects.

Past projects have included building a residential care facility in Vietnam and an after school centre in Freedom Park, South Africa. Our current focus is on supporting the running costs of a school in Zambia called the RIZE Literacy Training Centre which provides schooling for 245 primary school students in a township in Lusaka.