Virgin Media PLAY Magazine Case Study

Engaging customers with great content and smart distribution


Virgin Media Ireland’s PLAY Magazine

Engaging customers with great content and smart distribution

PLAY Magazine launched in 2016 as a content piece to showcase the very best of Virgin Media’s offering – from the breadth of entertainment services available to tips and tricks for getting the most as a customer. Over the course of 10 issues, the magazine grew in popularity; transformed in look and style, and cemented its place as a key part of Virgin Media’s vision to provide added value to customers.


Virgin Media always believed in talking with their customers, but it became apparent that they were instead talking at them. Their communications were focused on pricing updates, so they needed to overhaul their strategy and restore customer relationships by cutting through the clutter and boxing clever – and they did just that with smart content marketing.

Virgin Media’s primary content marketing objective is to drive reach and engagement with existing and acquisition customers – and this is done by;

  • Stimulating customer interest in products by better supporting customers in getting the best from Virgin Media products they already have, while showcasing others;
  • Strengthening Virgin Media’s relationship with its customers;
  • Adding value for the customer;
  • And, providing this information to customers when and where they want it.