Heineken Case Study

B2B Content That Connects



B2B Content That Connects

Built on a proud brewing heritage that started in Cork over 160 years ago, HEINEKEN Ireland is one of Ireland’s leading beer and cider companies. With a premium brand portfolio and ubiquitous presence in bars, restaurants and retailers around the country, one could say they need no introduction. However, there was one connection that badly needed to be reinforced — and that was the link with their business customers in venues across Ireland.


HEINEKEN Ireland had produced a quarterly publication in 2018, The Publican Chronicle, distributed to a small sample of publicans by sales reps. While anecdotal feedback was that the information it contained was good, it was unclear whether the magazine was truly valued — and, indeed, whether it was actually reaching the customers targeted. What’s more, there was no feedback available from readers. With a goal of positioning themselves as thought leaders in the industry, and a consultative resource for pubs and bars in Ireland, HEINEKEN Ireland looked to improve the publication with three goals in mind:

  • Increasing talkability, and having the publication used as a consultation tool;
  • Increasing engagement with customers;
  • And measuring performance to see if the publication was meeting objectives.