Skoda Case Study

Content that builds communities



Community Building Content That Connects

Cycling is a massive part of ŠKODA’s heritage. Though the brand is now more readily associated with cars, its history first started spinning back in 1895 — with two wheels rather than four. Today, their commitment to cycling is bigger than ever, with an international website building a community worldwide.

It was high time that We Love Cycling made a mark in Ireland.


While the We Love Cycling community was growing across the globe, Irish cyclists remained unenthused. The perception of the brand as an automobile-only business was part of that; so, too, was a lack of involvement in the day-to-day cycling community.

Building We Love Cycling into the type of engaged and powerful community to which ŠKODA Ireland aspired would require connecting directly with a local audience, providing the type of valuable information and actionable content that the Irish public would embrace.

The main objectives, then, were to:

  • Launch a localised version of WLC, thereby strengthening Skoda Ireland’s association with cycling;
  • Begin building the WLC community in Ireland;
  • Create an emotional connection and improve brand likeability, consideration and awareness;
  • Drive engagement and traffic to the website as well as WLC social channels;
  • And drive participation in ŠKODA cycling events.