Virgin Case Study

B2B Content That Connects

Services provided:

Content strategy, issue and calendar planning. article and blog writing, talent interviews, digital edition, video production; design, analytics and insights.

PLAY Magazine launched in 2016 as a content piece to showcase the very best of Virgin Media’s offering – from the breadth of entertainment services available to tips and tricks for getting the most as a customer.

Over the course of 10 issues, the magazine grew in popularity, transformed in look and style, transitioned to digital-only, and cemented its place as a key part of the company’s vision to provide added value to customers.

But there’s always more we can do.


The content of PLAY was never in question; through extensive audience analysis, tireless research, and a well-honed editorial approach, it had become ideally suited to addressing Virgin Media’s customer base.

It was also, however, just one part of the company’s content marketing efforts at large. With outlets spanning owned media, social channels and dedicated customer emails, there was an array of untapped resources that could take PLAY to the next level—and, in turn, bring a whole new world of success to the client’s campaigns.

To streamline processes and maximise return, a groundbreaking distribution strategy would be required; one that aligned the efforts of multiple agencies, repurposed content in new and exciting forms, and stretched across a variety of platforms to ensure everything was moving in the same direction.