“Traditional Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star
Content Marketing is showing that you are one” – Robert Rose

You’ve been hearing the phrase Content Marketing buzzing around lately, but what exactly is it?

“Content marketing is the discipline of creating and using relevant and engaging content to build a relationship with your customers and ultimately engender loyalty and encourage repeat purchase. It’s about creating stories around your brand and products that bring it to life and remind customers why they choose you in the first place.” – Gina Miltiadou, managing director, Zahra Media Group

At Zahra, we practice what we preach so here are some examples of our content marketing in action. See the Zahra blog for more tips, news and views on all things content.


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All About Loyalty is an industry publication for marketing professionals and leaders in customer retention produced by Zahra Media Group in conjunction with Chilli Pepper – The Strategic Customer Loyalty Agency. Chilli Pepper is Ireland’s only dedicated strategic customer loyalty agency, with a strong focus on commercially valid strategies that help organisations build deeper, more profitable and more long-term relationships with their customers.

The magazine provides thought-provoking articles, case studies, analysis and toolkits to help readers gain a deeper understanding of content marketing & loyalty.

“All About Loyalty is a god-send for marketers looking for insights to get closer to their customer base. With loyalty marketing growing at such as fast pace in Ireland, marketers are under pressure to catch up on the latest trends and are finding it difficult to access relevant content. All About Loyalty fills that thought-leadership gap. Not only is the magazine original in its beautiful design and print, it stands apart from the traditional marketing magazines with superior content that provides a mix of articles, know-how and practical advice. It is a magazine you look forward to receiving” – a regular reader

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