The ultimate brand boost: Why building your community is key

Article written by Gina Miltiadou, Director and Co-Founder of Zahra.

In today’s digital age, establishing a brand community is no longer optional but essential for success in the market. As an owner of Zahra, a top-tier content and media agency in Dublin, I have seen first-hand – through the development of our own everymum and easyFood communities – the incredible impact that communities have on the development of a brand. This article aims to highlight the numerous advantages of brand communities and explain why teaming up with Zahra is the smartest move you can make.

The Value of a Brand Community

1. Cultivates Loyalty and Advocacy: The foundation of any successful brand lies in its loyal customer base. Communities are essential in creating a feeling of connection and commitment, transforming regular customers into devoted supporters. These individuals not only make frequent purchases of your products but also passionately promote them to others, helping to grow your brand’s presence naturally.

2. Offers Useful Perspectives: Think about being able to understand first-hand what your customers believe and how they perceive your brand. Communities serve as a continuous source of insights by offering immediate feedback on your products or services, enabling you to make adjustments and cater to customer preferences more effectively.

3. Puts You in the Driver’s Seat: Creating your own community platform (through your website/app, email subscriber base, podcast) gives you complete control over the user experience, data, and direct communication. This ensures that your brand messages remain clear and prominent, without getting lost in the noise of other content. By having a dedicated space, you can foster deeper, more meaningful interactions and gain valuable insights directly from your audience. This independence also protects you from the uncertainties of social media algorithms and policies. On the other hand, relying solely on social media for community building may offer wider reach and convenience, but it comes with risks. Your brand community is at the mercy of these platforms’ ever-changing rules and fluctuations, which can impact visibility and engagement levels. It’s never wise to build your house on rented land!

4. Enhances SEO and Content Exposure: Community-driven content not only boosts audience engagement but also draws in new visitors. Every interaction, whether it is comments or shares, informs search engines that your content is valuable, leading to better SEO rankings and online presence.

5. Fosters Emotional Bonds: Brands that effectively connect with their customers on an emotional level tend to have higher levels of customer loyalty and spending. Communities provide a platform for shared experiences and stories, strengthening the emotional connection between your brand and its customers.

6. Ability to Monetise Your Community: Once your community is established it is possible to monetise this base in a number of ways. One way is to sell special products or services directly to community members. Another option is to offer subscriptions for top-notch content or experiences that generate consistent income. Partnering with other brands or engaging in affiliate marketing can bring in commission payouts and organising events – either online or in real life – could be another revenue source. And finally, selling branded merchandise and using the community for market research are also effective ways to monetise your community. The best approach depends on the community’s characteristics and the benefits it provides to its members.

A good example of this is the beauty retailer, Sephora that created the Sephora Beauty Insiders where users exchange beauty advice, reviews, and personal stories. This approach boosts customer interaction and sales by seamlessly connecting discussions with product sales. Sephora’s community-centred approach has been vital in keeping customers coming back and promoting repeat purchases.

5 Reasons Why Zahra is Your Ideal Partner in Community Building

Building a community requires expertise, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of digital engagement—and that’s where Zahra shines. Here’s how we stand out:

We Have Done It For Ourselves:

Zahra has built two of the most engaged communities in Ireland. easyFood started out as a print- only newsstand magazine and brand extended into a website, digital publication, thriving social community and active email newsletter subscription base. Today the easyFood community stands at over 376,000 people who either regularly read the magazine, visit the website, engage with the brand on social, subscribe to the email newsletter or the digital edition. We can tap into this community for research and also leverage it on behalf of food brands that want to engage with foodies in Ireland.

The other community that we helped build is everymum – previously eumom – which was recently acquired by the Daily Mail Group. Everymum is a highly engaged community of pregnant mothers and parents of young families and its community was built over a period of 20 years – the last six under Zahra’s guardianship. The everymum community was highly engaged, so much so that we could issue a survey to the membership base and receive over 4,000 responses overnight. A response rate that most research companies could only dream about! At the time of acquisition in October 2023, the everymum community stood at well over a million people that either regularly visited the website, engaged with the brand on social, listened to the podcast, tested parenting products, or subscribed to the email newsletters.

Bespoke Community Strategy:

At Zahra, we know that each brand is different and requires a personalised community strategy. We focus on creating unique plans that match your brand’s objectives, values, and target market, resulting in a customised approach that boosts involvement and growth.

Data-Driven Insights:

With advanced analytics, Zahra gives practical advice to help manage communities more effectively, from engagement strategies to content improvements, ensuring your community thrives and adds value to your business.

Continuous Support and Growth:

In a rapidly changing digital world, your community strategy needs to evolve. Zahra provides ongoing support and adjusts to the latest digital trends and community engagement techniques, helping your brand stay ahead in the industry.

SEO Optimisation:

Our tactics are carefully crafted to engage not only humans but also to maximise SEO advantages. By fostering keyword-rich discussions within the community and creating shareable content with links to your site, we ensure that every aspect of your community contributes to your overall SEO strategy.

In today’s competitive market, establishing a brand community is not just a choice—it is essential for sustained growth and customer loyalty. Zahra’s unique combination of experience, creativity, strategic planning, and digital expertise makes us the perfect partner to unleash the full potential of your brand community. Together, we can turn your audience into a lively, engaged community that propels your brand ahead.

Are you ready to create a community that differentiates you from the rest? If so, contact and let’s get started!