12 content formats you can still create during COVID restrictions

12 content formats you can still create during COVID restrictions

While they might be lifting, the restrictions put in place to address the COVID-19 pandemic continue to limit the types of content that brands and agencies can create. 

Luckily, there are lots of formats you can still produce to reach, engage, convert, and retain your customers. Here are 12 options that are performing well for our clients:

1. Webcam interviews

Consumers no longer demand glossy, highly-polished interview shots; the subject matter is what’s most important.

Audiences want videos to be more personal than polished, so brands should now focus on authenticity, not effects.

A great example is an interview we did recently for Aviva with the Republic of Ireland’s football team manager, Stephen Kenny. This interview was shot over Zoom, with Stephen dialling in from his home, and will go live in a few weeks. 

Another example of webcam interview content we did with Aviva is this video, which was originally supposed to be filmed as voxpops in a public space. When the lockdown was announced, we pivoted towards a webcam-based format. 

2. Quizzes and online games

With audiences congregated online—and with plenty of time to spare—it’s a prime time to look towards interactive, engaging content.

3. User generated content

Your customers don’t just want to consume content; they love to make it, too. And with constant reminders that we’re all in this together, little can capture the mood better than great content that involves your community.

An example is the #ConnectionsThatMatter series Zahra produced for Virgin Media. Focused on upbeat, feel-good videos consisting of clips gathered from around the country, it was an emotive and powerful campaign that garnered huge online engagement. 

4. Online classes, webinars and workshops

Webinars are criminally underused at the best of times, but the current disruption might be the catalyst for more to recognise their value. There’s the added impetus that, with a lot of people with free time on their hands, it’s a great opportunity to leverage upskilling and development.

5. Podcasts

Demand for online content has exploded in the past few months; podcast listenership is up 50%. An ever-growing area, it’s also worthwhile remembering that podcasts will deliver in the post-COVID world, too.

An example is the award-winning, chart-topping podcast we produce for everymum. The everymum podcast is the no. 1 parenting podcast in Ireland, with 20 episodes hitting top spot on apple podcast charts.

6. Brand kindness case studies

The pandemic has brought about some incredible stories of businesses working for their customers. Showcase what your brand is doing, and let people see the efforts made on their behalf during a time when kindness speaks volumes.

7. Animations

Whether it’s slick artwork or simple stop-motion, animated videos are a wonderful way to give your content life—as well as side-step barriers to live-action shoots.

8. Surveys and results reports

At a time where so many new questions have arisen, making the effort to go get answers is a valuable endeavour. So too is sharing your findings, giving customers important insights at a time when they’ll be appreciated most.

9. Infographics and gifographics

Optimising your content for online consumption means leaning into formats tailor-made for the web; these are two that are great for branding, as well as grabbing attention.

10. Blog articles

Blog articles are a great way to dig deep into your colleagues’ and customers’ minds, and share their wisdom as valuable thought leadership. Also, with organic traffic exploding, a blog with its SEO on point can outperform far more complex and expensive options. 

11. Explainer materials and how-to videos

From home cooking to DIY, vast swathes of the population are rolling up their sleeves and doing things for themselves; making it easier for them to do so is a great way of adding value.

12. White papers and ebooks

Authoritative and informing material is in high demand; if you’ve got insights that are worth sharing, now’s the time.

Which formats are for you?

Let me know in the comments which formats are working best for you.

If you need help figuring out which formats are best for your brand, or if you don’t have the resources to create them in-house, email me: gmiltiadou@zahramediagroup.com