How much is Content Worth?

The 8 steps to nailing your content marketing during COVID-19

That’s a fair question. Before opening your wallets it’s reasonable to ask anyone why you should hand over the dough: Why should you pay good money for a blog, company newsletter or social media presence? What’s it worth?

To answer these questions, let’s start with asking the opposite…

How much is No Content Worth?

As a business, what can you afford to miss out on? Can you live with poor SEO (search engine optimization) rankings? Would you be happy with being the only company in your field with no blog or social media outlet? Do you mind customers (potential and existing) having just a vague impression of what you do and what you’re about?

Content is now so ubiquitous and so affordable, that it’s almost worth thinking of it as a utility: Yes, you could save money by not having, say, electricity, phones or wifi, but you wouldn’t dream of running a business without them.

Speaking Beyond Ads

Content is your opportunity to have your say, and commissioning content allows you to hire professional writers to help craft your message.

A TV, internet or print ad will give a glimpse of what you do, but wouldn’t you like to offer a full look?

Good content is an opportunity to deepen your communication with your customers, to tell your story and to broaden your message.

Nurturing Your Image

A company’s content is not just about its products or services, it’s about the company’s philosophy, image and tone.

How would you like your company to be seen? Do you want to be perceived as friendly, cool, cutting edge, chic, wholesome, fun, professional or edgy? Only you truly know your own intentions and philosophy, but with good content, others will too.

This is where effective content shines: It can convey your company’s emotions and messages in a skilful, subtle and engaging way. Unlike ads, content exists to be compelling, useful and shared.

Transparency – Return on Investment

How much is content worth? It’s easy to find out: With analytics, you can see how many are reading your online content, how much engagement you’re generating on social media, and much more besides.

There is no guesswork: Content not only deepens your conversation with customers, but now you can tell who’s listening and reading, and for how long.

If you’d like to know more about the real value of content, feel free to drop us a mail or give us a call.