How to boost your wellbeing at work


With today being National Workplace Wellbeing Day, we feel it is the perfect time to zero in on the value of nurturing employee health. And what better way to lift morale and keep people happy and productive than with a regular massage?

Here at Zahra Media Group, we are very fortunate to have a twice-weekly visit from massage therapist Prishela Row. She helps soothe away any tension we may be experiencing with her healing 15-minute head or shoulder massages (they’re one of the perks of working here!).

 Prishela_web_2Prishela has been sharing her incredible healing touch with Zahra employees since 2015, so we caught up with her to get her insights on the importance of workplace wellbeing.

First off, what are the benefits of getting a quick massage during the working day?

“Massage therapy has many benefits in the workplace, perhaps the most noticeable one is that it eliminates stress,” explains Prishela. “Studies have shown that stress is a contributing factor in up to 75% of illnesses and has a negative impact on productivity and overall wellbeing.”

As well as banishing stress, she says massage therapy has been known to help employees become more at ease with themselves and their workload – even after a quick massage.

Managing stress

The ‘secret’ to avoid or manage stress is to learn to keep it at bay, explains Prishela. Ways to achieve this include making time to take relaxing walks at lunchtime. You could also try listening to soothing music on your headphones at work for a few minutes each day.

In the evenings, Prishela recommends having a bath with Dead Sea salts at least three time a week, 20 minutes before you go to bed.

Outside of work, getting a full body massage once or twice a month will also help with stress.

“Some people enjoy cycling or running. Find out what you enjoy doing as a form of relaxation and make it a way of life.”

Finally, Prishela believes that employers should take an active interest in the wellbeing of their employees if they want them to consistently perform well.

“Massage has the benefit of de-stressing and loosening tension and tight muscles, enabling one to work better,” she affirms.

To learn more about Prishela Row, visit her Facebook page.