New Ireland’s Women Returning to Work Survey (infographic)

New Ireland wanted to find out how women felt upon re-entry to the workforce. There are many struggles associated with coming back to work after having a baby (mommy wage gap, anyone?) and it’s a common point of conversation between women. In fact, we recently wrote about this very thing on our blog.

In order to get a sense of how women feel about this topic, New Ireland commissioned a survey through eumom to ask women about their attitudes and the challenges faced, when returning to work after maternity leave. 1,375 mothers who have recently returned to work, or are currently on maternity leave, took part in the survey; answering questions about their top concerns, what employers can do to help, and how they felt about part-time work.

The infographic below shows all the results, but the main takeaway is that women need to be supported during this transition, as it’s a difficult one; and there is actually quite a bit that employers can do to assist during this time.

You can get your own copy of the infographic by clicking on the image below!