Picking a Content Marketing Agency in Ireland


When it comes to picking a content marketing agency in Ireland, there are many things to take into consideration. Content marketing is more than just the latest buzzword and with its growing popularity, every agency in town suddenly has content capabilities. But be warned, just because someone lists content on their Services page doesn’t mean that they have a strategic approach to content, employ writers or know anything about the best practices involved with creating content.

Case in point: PR agencies.

For years, they held the keys to getting media coverage with their targeted lists and writing of press releases. However, the business has changed and many argue that PR needs to change with it. The way that they’ve pivoted into content is to turn those press releases into blog posts and then sell their approach as content marketing.

However, anyone who has read a press release knows that they are not effective blog content or even that interesting to read. Press releases are all about touting the business and rarely offer anything of value to a consumer, much less answer a question they might have. So as much as we love PR companies, they are not content marketing agencies.


Next up: ad agencies.

Advertising agencies are really good at coming up with taglines, thirty-second sound bites or a clever turn of phrase. But none of these things are ideal for content marketing. And yet, there are many advertising agencies who convince clients that they can do content. We beg to differ. If you want to invest in your content, you need to seek out an agency that can think about it strategically and can create long-form content that will work for SEO, along with helping customers in a real way.

Finally: digital agencies.

There are many digital marketing agencies who are touting their ability to create content now as well. The problem with hiring someone with fantastic technical abilities is that they won’t be able to write for the consumer market. While they might be brilliant at building a landing page, they won’t have the skills to speak authentically and in a way that resonates with consumers.

So after advising on what to avoid, what should you look for when picking a content marketing agency in Ireland? We’ve already told you about the qualities you should look for in a content marketing agency, but now we’ve also created a checklist that can help you in your search by providing good questions to ask. We include all the factors you should be considering before spending your time and money with an agency, including a few you may have overlooked. You can see the checklist below or get your own copy by clicking here.

picking CM agency

And if you’re like to hear what we have to say about the above questions, feel free to get in touch by clicking the image below. We’re keen to show you that we know what we’re doing!

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