The Value of Listening in Creating Content


With 20 years of agency experience, our account manager Mary Gordon is skilled at listening to clients in order to fully understand how she can be of service. She shares some of her tips on how businesses can be better social listeners in this blog post.

In an overcrowded online space, making yourself heard can be a challenge. But often, the real challenge is to stop broadcasting and instead, take the time to hear what is being said. This is especially true when it comes to creating content. There is immense value to be had in listening, both as a means of inspiration and as a way of guiding your approach to content. Listening is the best way of discovering new topics, figuring out what is already taking place in the market, and connecting with your end users.

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7 Listening Tips for Better Content

1. Listen to what people are talking about now. It’s always good to know what’s trending and get writing about it while people are still interested. Look at the ‘must reads’ or shared stories and headlines on news sites. What are people, potential customers/readers interested in?

2. Think ahead. Listen to what people are excited about in terms of upcoming events. What’s coming up that people will be watching e.g. the Great British Bakeoff, Strictly, The Heineken Cup? How can you tailor original content to make you and your content relevant?

3. Listen when people are talking about your brand. Don’t simply talk at people – talk with them – respond when they are talking about you. Social media is built for engagement so don’t be afraid to interact and take part in a conversation.


4. Listen more on Twitter. It’s important to track your own Twitter handle but often when people are giving out online, they don’t necessarily use the correct Twitter handle. So you should be checking these too so you’re in a position to respond.

5. Listen to mainstream networks, message boards and forums like, etc. People make decisions based on recommendations or detractors on these types of forums, so make yourself aware of these and be in a position to respond, offer tips, advice or recommendations.

6. Listen to what your competitors are saying. Follow them online and also follow what people are saying about your competitors, their products and services. This will give you valuable insight into what is and what isn’t working for your competitors. Analyse the audience who follow your competitors – why are they following your competitor and not you?


7. Listen when people are describing the very problem your product solves. The more you hear when people are telling you about a problem, the better equipped you are to suggest your content with a solution. Be helpful and relevant. If you’re not in a position to provide the answer, why not direct them to someone that can? It always helps to pay it forward!

If you’re ready to talk more about content, we’re ready to listen. Drop us a note and let us know how we can help with your 2018 content plans.

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