Unveiling the dominant foodservice marketing trends of 2024

At Zahra, we possess a unique ability to empower foodservice brands, guiding them to decipher and navigate trends and emerge as true thought leaders. Our expertise lies in crafting purposeful, human-centric content and experiences designed to resonate with the challenges confronted by professionals in the foodservice sector, transcending industry intricacies. A deep understanding of consumers and the hurdles faced by those in the service industry is pivotal for making a lasting impact. Let’s explore the pivotal foodservice marketing trends set to sculpt the foodservice landscape in 2024.

Embrace the green revolution

The plant-based food revolution continues to surge, with a notable shift from mock meats to authentic plants. Dishes made with real veggies, pulses, nuts, and seeds are reclaiming the spotlight. With over 4% of Ireland’s population embracing veganism, there’s a substantial market for genuinely plant-based products. Foodservice companies should seize the opportunity to showcase their natural and fresh produce, effectively communicating this message to customers.

Labour-saving solutions

As commercial kitchen teams lean toward efficiency, the demand for support becomes crucial. Foodservice brands can assist customers during these challenging times by highlighting solutions that streamline operations. Showcase prepared or convenience products, offer ingenious ways to use them, and provide guidance on maximising produce to reduce food waste.

Tailored culinary experiences

The era of one-size-fits-all approaches is fading. Consumers crave personalised food experiences aligned with their individual preferences and nutritional needs. Personalisation emerges as a key food marketing trend in 2024, recognising the uniqueness of each person’s body and preferences. Foodservice brands can engage customers by sharing ideas to address this growing consumer need.

Prioritising gut health

Gut health is increasingly significant to Irish consumers, presenting an opportunity for foodservice brands to provide chefs with actionable tips and recipe suggestions. Addressing this demand can set a brand apart by promoting health-conscious choices.

Affordable authenticity

The ‘dupe’ trend has transcended clothing and beauty, making its mark in the food and beverage industry. Affordable alternatives to high-end products resonate with consumers seeking quality amid financial challenges. This trend is poised to grow as people navigate the cost of living crisis in 2024.

Essential social media presence

Social media is no longer merely a platform for consumer-facing brands; it has become a pivotal customer service and search tool in the foodservice sector. Establishing a robust online presence is essential for connecting with target markets, addressing customer queries, and effective marketing. Create visually appealing social content that showcases your product range and provides practical usage ideas.

These trends represent opportunities to shape your brand’s narrative and authentically connect with customers. Let us assist you in leveraging these trends for a successful 2024 and beyond. Reach out to us via email at paula@zahramediagroup.com.