Best Industries for Creating Content

Best industries for creating content


While it’s possible to create content for any industry, some verticals stand out as being especially ripe for content marketing. A few qualities of the industries listed below that make them excellent for content marketing include having consumer questions and problems, serving a niche audience and any industry that offers specialised knowledge.



Healthcare and Medical: This is an obvious one as there are so many questions that make up health care. Whether it’s answering patient’s queries about the side effects of different medicines or detailing the process of filling out paperwork, there’s always something you can write about in this field. Add in exciting new medical research and data and you’ve got a plethora of content possibilities.




Restaurants: Talk about creating some delicious content. Restaurants have many options for content. They have a built-in niche audience of diners looking for the type of food they serve, there are tons of food pictures available for them to use and they can be of service to potential customers by talking about special recipes or upcoming events happening at their restaurants.




Renovations and repairs: These types of companies exist to solve customers’ problems, which is why they present a good opportunity for content marketing. Repairs often involve trouble-shooting so the more education you can provide the consumer before they come to see you, the more prepared they will be to make a buying decision.


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Ecommerce stores: Since these stores do all of their transactions online, it becomes easy to see how creating content is beneficial for this industry. There are articles that can answer frequently asked customer questions, posts on product specifications and content that focuses on the intricacies of buying online. And all that content helps to improve organic SEO, which in turn, drives more traffic to the ecommerce store.


Estate agents: Buying a house is a big purchase and one that most people do research on before jumping in. That’s why it’s vital that estate agents create content that informs buyers about all aspects of the process, from choosing a neighbourhood to finding a mortgage to expectations around the closing.


If your company doesn’t fall into one of the above industries, worry not. There are still many opportunities to create valuable content that will help your bottom line. And if you think that what your company does is “too boring” to write about, check back next week. We’ll have a post that deals with this very topic.

And if you need help getting started with content, we’re happy to chat. Follow us on Twitter or drop us a note. We’re big fans of creating content that resonates with your target audience, no matter your industry!