Content Marketing in Ireland

Content marketing in Ireland is booming. As more and more tech companies come here and open offices, the demand for experienced content marketers is on the rise. But it’s not just the tech industry that benefits from content marketing. Any company, in any industry, can use content as an effective tool in their marketing mix. Whether you’re looking to attract the attention of potential clients, hoping to close a deal or want ways to retain your current customers, content is the way to achieve these goals.

content marketing Ireland

But what is content?

It’s a word that has taken over and that essentially means any sort of communication. Content covers many different formats: it could be a blog post, it could be a white paper, it could be a podcast or it could be video. No one is exactly sure when content came to be the default word for what publishers and media companies share with their audiences, but it’s only probably in the last five years that it’s become an inescapable term. There are now content producers, content managers, content strategists and content curators. These are jobs that did not exist ten years ago.

And the simple fact of the matter is that content works. Take a look at a few of the stats we’ve pulled that demonstrate the effectiveness of content…

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Content Marketing in Ireland

ZMG works with quite a few Irish brands that understand how important content is, both to accomplish larger business objectives but also to engage with customers. Whether it’s Aviva sending out email newsletters packed with lifestyle content that relates to home insurance or ESB creating a bi-monthly magazine full of employee news, content can be used for different purposes and targeted to different audiences.

The examples above are both large companies but small businesses can benefit from content as well. Any company that wants to be found online by customers should be creating content. Research shows that customers are getting savvier and are skeptical of banner ads, while television and radio ads go ignored. Most consumers would rather read a well-written piece of content that is relevant to what they’re looking for or helps them to answer a question.

content marketing Ireland

If you’re looking to add content marketing to your toolkit, or are planning to increase your content marketing spend, let us know. We understand the Irish market and have years of experience working with Irish brands. Get in touch!

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