5-step guide to creating customer personas (infographic)

Guide to creating customer personas

Guide to creating customer personas

As you carefully craft your content, it’s crucial to always remember who you’re talking to. And customer personas (sometimes called buyer personas), help us to think of our customers clearly and to relate to them as real human beings.

Customer personas are fictional, generalised representation profiles of our typical customers. They enable us to understand our customers’ wants and needs which is essential to creating great targeted content that will resonate with them.

We’ve created this handy five-step guide to give you a gentle push in the right direction…

5 steps to creating customer personas

Client blog post oneFigure out who your personas are

This covers everything including family, career, gender, age, income, location, attitude and communication preferences.



Pink-2Determine their goals and challenges

Once you’ve nailed these down, you can the decide how you can help your personas to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges.



Step 1 to creating customer personasUnderstand their reasoning

It’s important to understand why your personas would and wouldn’t buy your products/services. Figure out what their concerns, worries and challenges may be.



Step 1 to creating customer personasDecide how best to sell your solution

You need to come up with a solution (product/service) for your persona. You then need to sell that solution to them. Remember that each solution should be unique to each persona.




Once you’ve figured out everything you need to know about your buyer personas, you can begin to carefully craft great content for them.




If you’d like help  crafting your customer personas, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.