Showcasing your NPPA Win!

Showcasing your NPPA Award

Congratulations—you’ve won a National Parenting Product Award! But what now? In your excitement, you’re probably going to want to stick that coveted award badge on your website right away, showing all your potential customers just how fantastic you really are—as well you should!

Winning an NPPA gives you the authority to say that your brand is tried and trusted by Irish parents, and that’s something you certainly need to shout about. Here are some hints on the top ways you can spread the word…

Product Packaging and Displays

Incorporating your award in your product packaging and print collateral is one of the best ways to maximise the visibility of your success. Gold, Silver and Bronze winners can include the NPPA logo on their products, which states to all consumers that it is tried, tested and loved by parenting experts—and real parents.

To date, many of our award winners have effectively used their NPPA awards to boost their credibility and visibility in the Irish parenting market, by updating their packaging with the award logo, including the award logo on TV and print advertising, and rebranding in line with the feedback that they received via the research reports.

Search marketing

Take advantage of your success by changing up your website—incorporating quotes associated with your NPPA award wins—to drive trust online with consumers who are searching for your products. Our research has shown that 68% of parents search online for the best product on the market before making any purchases.

The best way to take advantage of a prestigious award is to use others’ words instead of your own; it will validate the achievement much more than reaction from within your organisation. Remind your audience that the NPPAs are also the only independently run research study testing parenting and baby products in Ireland—so this is an award that really matters!

Social Media Content

Did you know that a product winning an award has three times the impact on purchase behaviour than a product that is endorsed by a social media influencer? A smart social media campaign on the back of your victory will increase brand awareness, and drive your audience to your digital content. Work in all the rest of the important details—like where to buy— alongside powerful testimonials, and you’ll soon have consumers flocking to check it out for themselves!

Video Content

Bite-sized, easy-to-consume video content is a potent marketing tool, and is perfect for showcasing your award win. Our insights show that 67% of parents trust other parents’ opinions more than other sources of information when purchasing baby and parenting products, so the NPPA mark carries a lot of weight with consumers.

For the best results, make sure consumers can see what other parents loved about your product; there’s no greater validation than getting the thumbs-up from those who’ve been there and done that.

Online Product Pages      

Create a dedicated landing page for your award-winning products, and share the valuable and credible proof from our research to help parents make the right purchase decision for them. If the NPPAs chose to put your products on a pedestal, then so should you!

Zahra wants to wish a huge congratulations to all the Gold, Silver and Bronze NPPA winners, you’ve earned it!

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