What Can Customer-Focused Events Do For Your Brand?


Did you know that 73% of consumers say they are likely to buy a product after trying it? Only 25% say the same thing about seeing a television commercial.*

With growing competition for your target customer’s attention on ever increasing channels, it is more important than ever to reach your consumers on a personal level.

As part of Zahra Media Group, eumom and Easy Parenting run a wide range of events for moms and families. (You can read a case study about the recent National Parenting Product Award event we hosted.) These events reach your core audience face to face, while helping parents to engage with brands they need to know about. A massive 98% of our attendees say they would love to attend an event again.
Customer Focused Events-

1. Events put you right in front of an engaged target market

Events give your brand the opportunity to really connect with the right consumers at the right time. Demonstrating your brand’s advantages with face-to-face interaction can support and boost your other marketing activity, while helping you to connect in a memorable way with potential customers.

According to our survey, 93% of moms either jointly (47%) or solely (46%) manage the family finances.

What Can Customer Focused Events Do For Your Brand- Introducing products directly into the consumer’s hand

2. Events put your product directly into the hands of consumers

Parents, and particularly parents-to-be, are buying products and services they never bought before they had children and they want to know that they are buying the best. By placing products directly into your consumer’s hand, you are building instant recognition for new products, and encouraging your customers to engage with your brand as a whole.

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“Sampling is growing in importance [because] consumers are bombarded with messages …It’s just really hard to make an impact on consumers today. But people love samples.”
– Cindy Johnson

3. Events can provide a great return on investment

Running or sponsoring events can have a massive return. Not only are you directly targeting interested consumers, you are also raising brand awareness through your association with an event and the promotion of it. The immediacy of events, can also enable a more immediate return that can have a lasting-effect on the consumer, as they will associate your brand with a positive real-experience.

An event is also a great way to capture your target audience engaging with your brand. Photographs, video, live social media feeds, customer feedback and reviews and expert Q&A’s can all be captured and used to support and enhance additional online and offline marketing campaigns.

What Can Customer Focused Events Do For Your Brand- The most genuine, and creative interactions at events

4. The word of mouth effect

The reach of an event should not just be measured by the number of guests. About 64% of women surveyed by BSM Media said they relied on recommendations from friends and family when buying for their children and 58% of moms in our own survey, confirmed they had bought products after a friend had recommended them on social media. Events do not just speak to the participants, they speak to your following on social media through your event’s coverage and the wider circle of friends each attendee will recommend your brand to.

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5. Events position your brand as an authority in your field

Events give you the time to really engage with customers; talking not only about your company’s products, but also the ethos of your brand.

78% of our attendees accurately named the event sponsors after the event.

The most genuine, and creative interactions at events, not only reflect positively at the time, but generate a buzz among consumers long after the event is over, demonstrating the expertise, and the personality of the company behind products.

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